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Government Leadership
District Jin Cheng
Deputy Director Li Laiyi
Deputy Director Gao Shundong
Deputy Director li Huimin
Deputy Director An Jinxiang
District Management Committee Xu Xuezhang
Changxing  Island
Natural Situation
Policy Environment
Development Ideas
Plan Establishment
Industrial Projects
Investment   more
Suitable areas for investment in Changxing Island
Changxing Island
Situation of Changxing Island internal infrastructure fac...
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Changxing Island upper class hospital groundb... 2010-11-12
Central Zhi Gong Party “China Development Fo... 2010-11-12
Changxing welcoming National Day with happy s... 2010-11-12
Welcoming festivals, delivering warmth 2010-11-12
District Management Committee convenes the fo... 2010-11-12
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Official launch of the Changxing Island District Office 2010 conscr... 2010-11-12
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China Development Bank Deputy Secretary Zhang Yifan island investig... 2010-11-12
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Hazardous Waste Integrative Treatment Centre to Complete
Fixed Asset Investment Boosts Economic Growth
Hairuida Corp. Obtains EU Official Health Register
Desheng Convenes 2010 Flood and Typhoon Prevention Working
Desheng Convenes 2010 Flood and Typhoon Prevention Working
Institutions   more
Changxing Island Industrial Zone ...
Changxing Island Industrial Zone ...
Changxing Island Industrial Zone ...
Changxing Island Industrial Zone ...
Changxing Island Industrial Zo...
Laws&Regulations more
NPC.gov.cn Database
Chinalaw.gov.cn Database
Order of Dalian Municipal People'...
Enterprises   more
Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Gr...
South Korean STX Group:
POSCO Changxing (Dalian sheet m...
IMC Group of Singapore:
Hengli (Dalian Changxing Island...
Dalian Changxing Island Taiyo N...
HEGLN (Dalian) Pharmaceutical C...
Dalian Hong Kong and China Gas ...
Besoo Lighting Technology ( Dal...
Sinovel Technology Co., Ltd “I...
  Tourist Attractions more
Changxing Island Bridge
Windmill Square
Ancient Great Wall Replica
Four seaside bathing sites

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